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What is the Pure Religion Project?

There may be no more shocking juxtaposition in all of religious literature the world over. Deuteronomy 10:17 describes God’s utter transcendence this way. “For the Lord your God is God […]

Unhurried: Living with the Long View

Hurry corrodes all that is best in life. Gratitude. Calm. Attentiveness. Joy. Love. Hurry eats them like acid. They steadily wither beneath anxious, relentless motion. “Hurry,” observed Dallas Willard, “is […]

Orphan + Stand Sunday Highlights

Once again, Orphan Sunday + Stand Sunday this year unleashed a cascade of prayer gatherings, Sunday sermons and messages, engagement events, and other activities in churches and communities around the […]

The Remarkable Benefits of Giving Thanks

Few things transform a human life like giving thanks.  Scripture calls us to it.  Science confirms it. The Bible overflows with invitations to thanksgiving:           “Always […]