Every church has the capacity to impact the lives
of orphaned and vulnerable children.
Including yours.

No matter where you are on the journey,
we're here to help.

The purpose of the CAFO National Church Ministry Initiative (NCMI)
is to equip, connect and support churches as they launch and lead effective
foster care, adoption, support and orphan care ministries.

Three Ways to Help Your Church Take The Next Best Steps


We are better together than we are apart. Join the mission with hundreds of other churches in the CAFO National Network.


Want to connect with a seasoned ministry leader to ask questions, gain clarity and identify next steps for your ministry?


Practical tools to help you launch, lead and grow ministries in your church. No matter where you are on your journey, there’s help for you here.
“As a Pastor, it is extremely helpful to have a co-laborer come along side me to help lead our church into a deeper understanding of the Gospel and the reality of our calling to serve the orphan. This initiative is a gift to the church and I commend it to anyone who desires to understand the application of the Gospel in the context of orphan care more fully.”
Pastor of The Parks Church (Texas)

Church Ministry Essentials

Building an Everyone Can Do Something Culture
in Your Foster Care and Adoption Ministry

Church Ministry Essentials is an immersive learning experience that will introduce you to the principles, practices and people you need to take your next bests steps forward in foster care, adoption and family support ministry. Start your journey today!

Leadership and Ministry Resources

Books, webinars and downloads for church ministry leaders.

Everyone Can Do Something

A field guide for strategically rallying your church
around the orphaned and vulnerable.

Whether you are launching a new foster care, adoption or orphan care ministry, or leading an existing one, you’ll discover the principles you need to take the next best steps for your church, your ministry, and the families and children you serve.

Free sample e-book previews designed to help you take the next best steps in your ministry.

CAFO Resources

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