Senior Manager of Engagement


Central California

One place I’ve always wanted to visit:


Favorite pastime activity: 

Visiting the East Coast – my other home!

Coffee or Tea?

Will you still like me if I say neither? My favorite beverage is…lemonade!

More about Ashley:

Ashley Phelan received her MS in Christian Counseling through Cairn University in 2007 and joyfully serves as Senior Manager of Engagement. Before coming to CAFO full-time, Ashley worked as a social worker for 14 years in Central California. Ashley has carried over and maintains a small client base of adopted individuals from her “social work days” – and she continues to count it a privilege to walk alongside. In addition, Ashley enjoys speaking and training and has been invited to share at both local and statewide conferences/events – mainly about the importance of trauma-informed care. Ashley is a TBRI Practitioner and also serves on her region’s Young Life committee. Ashley is passionate about connecting, equipping, cheering on, and supporting the Church in the call of caring for vulnerable children and families.