Belay Gebru

Board Member

Belay T. Gebru (“Uncle Ben”) founded Hope for the Fatherless (HFTF) in 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His own story as an orphan is one of tremendous tragedy and redemption, both of which shaped much of his ministry to the fatherless of Ethiopia. Belay began HFTF with a vision to see children thriving in families instead of being cared for in institutions. Today, HFTF serves orphaned and vulnerable children through small-group, family-based homes, domestic adoption, and family sponsorship.
Belay is gifted in inspiring those around him to champion excellence for the most vulnerable. Prior to starting HFTF, he served as a child advocate for sponsorship with Compassion International and tour staff for the His Little Feet children’s choir. Today he serves as executive director at HFTF and is married to Koki. They have two beautiful children, Oni and Pat.