Director, CAFO Global Network



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Ireland with my wife, Lisa.

Favorite pastime activity: 

Watching movies, hiking in the woods (not at the same time).

Coffee or Tea?


More about David:

David left his professional career in 2005 to bring his business knowledge to international ministry.   David believes that combining passion for orphan care with a focus on ministry excellence creates profound impact for the fatherless.  It is with this conviction that he desires to inspire, equip, and connect local churches and ministries around the world to wisely and effectively serve orphans and vulnerable children, ultimately bringing glory to Jesus Christ.

David’s wife, Lisa, and five girls (all adults now) have personally served in Russia and Ukraine for six summers.  Through their YouthReach International efforts, the Hennessey’s met one of their daughters while living in Russia.  They were immensely blessed to be able to adopt her in the summer of 2008.  Their family continues to be involved in orphan ministry within their church, and one daughter has returned to the mission field with her husband to serve vulnerable children and families.

Prior to this role, David served as Executive Director for YouthReach International, an orphan mentoring ministry serving in Eastern Europe.  In this position, he pioneered an orphan mentoring program using local volunteers, encouraged US and international churches to support orphan care efforts, and streamlined operations for the ministry.  Previously, David served as Director of Professional Services for ScanSource, a bar-code and wireless data collection distributor, helping usher new technologies into a value-added reseller market. David joined CAFO in 2012 to launch the Global Movements Initiative, which has evolved into the CAFO Global Network.