Director of Operations



One place I’ve always wanted to visit:


Favorite pastime activity: 

I love reading, especially as on the beach. However, I also enjoy coaching baseball when I’m not on a beach.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee & Tea, and sometimes together…I will take all the caffeine I can get!

More about Jeremiah:

Jeremiah is husband to Cyndi Lee, and dad to two amazing boys, Micaiah and Josiah.

Adoption has been a major part of Jeremiah’s story and faith journey. Jeremiah’s mom was a single parent until he was 5 years old. Three years later, Jeremiah’s Dad not only was decreed his dad legally, but gave him the same last name. This launched not only a deep desire in Jeremiah to adopt, but also gave a clearer picture of God’s love as He adopts us as His children.

Jeremiah and Cyndi are honored to be adoptive parents.

Jeremiah serves as the Director of Operations for the More Than Enough team and currently lives in Noblesville, Indiana.