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Favorite pastime activity: 

Camping and leisurely walks

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More about Katrina:

With a background in Child Development and working with children in various settings for over 10 years, Katrina quickly witnessed the importance of approaching children’s well-being and development through their families and community. After many international trips, God’s prompting, and a hunger to learn more about community support systems for families, Katrina went to graduate school and received her Master’s degree in International Community Development. She is passionate about seeing vulnerable families strengthened and supported so their children can thrive. Katrina and her husband, Jonathan, have been serving on their church ministry team for the last 4 years, supporting families involved in Safe Families for Children or Foster Care (and are an approved Safe Family themselves). Katrina is honored to be part of the CAFO team!

Katrina loves camping, exploring new cities, and road-tripping with her husband. Some of her favorite pastimes are going on walks (preferably by a body of water), playing board games, and watching cooking shows.