Executive Assistant


Birmingham, AL

One place I’ve always wanted to visit:

Antarctica (seriously!)

Favorite pastime activity: 

Spending time with my family at the lake.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee with a touch of cream

More about Sarah:

Originally from Dayton, OH, Sarah seems to continually find herself moving south! She spent several years in Louisville, KY completing her Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Boyce College, and most recently in Birmingham, AL serving with a gospel-centered, international orphan care ministry for 7 years.

With a desire and passion to serve both personally and professionally in the world of orphan care, adoption, and foster care, Sarah comes to CAFO with 10 years of administrative experience and is eager to serve and support the work CAFO is doing on behalf of the fatherless locally, and around the world.

Sarah is also engaged personally in advocating for vulnerable children and families as a licensed foster parent.