The Learning Journey

an engaging educational journey for students

Hosted by the CAFO Student Initiative to serve high school and college-aged orphan care advocates

You have unique gifts to contribute to the Kingdom of God.

As God draws you to love the vulnerable, our desire is to walk alongside as you discern your unique calling. There is much to learn. Good knowledge paired with a passionate heart make a powerful combination -- enabling you to make a lifelong difference for vulnerable children, families, and communities!

The Learning Journey will include resources under six primary themes...

Poverty and Development | Foster Care, Family-Based Care | Trauma | Short-Term Missions and Global Engagement | Justice and the Inner Life

What to Expect

We’ll meet you in your inbox for 40 weeks with relevant resources and information, challenges and action items, and lots of inspiration to help you begin and deepen your orphan care journey.

One email each week for the next 40 weeks

Filled with free, informative and fascinating resources to help you learn about service to vulnerable children and families


The Learning Journey will follow six main topics

Poverty and Perspective, Foster Care, Family-Based Care, Trauma, Justice and the Inner Life, and Everyone Can Do Something


Challenges to help you to engage, form relationships, and jump right in!

Ready to be led in the Learning Journey?