Membership in CAFO is an opportunity to grow and guide a movement together. All membership options include access to resources, coaching and exclusive networking opportunities as well as provides a place and voice in a larger community working in unison to see Christians care effectively for children in need. Membership also helps churches, families and leaders to identify partners committed to best practices, collaboration and Gospel-centered ministry.


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“There is unspeakable benefit for a church like ours to be connected to CAFO. We’ve already felt ourselves take steps that I think save us years of mistakes and years of exploration, because there’s a movement of people who are not just further ahead than we are, and have processed and wrestled in this longer than we have, but that are just incredibly generous with sharing the resources, sharing encouragement and pointing us in the right direction. So, for a church that longs to be marked by orphan care and adoption ministry, it’s been amazing.”

KONDO SIMFUKWE, Pastor of Mission Point Community Church (INDIANA)

“CAFO does a really great job of creating this kind of sense of locality of the local church to start connecting with other churches in your city, other organizations in your city, other people in your city that have similar passions and priorities about orphan care. We’ve found it absolutely beyond valuable that we have a network locally because of CAFO’s work…So much shared learning is taking place and shared support.”

renaut van der riet, Pastor of Mosaic Church (Florida)

“As a Pastor, it is extremely helpful to have a co-laborer come along side me to help lead our church into a deeper understanding of the Gospel and the reality of our calling to serve the orphan. This initiative is a gift to the church and I commend it to anyone who desires to understand the application of the Gospel in the context of orphan care more fully.”

ryan ross, Pastor of The Parks Church (Texas)


CAFO Members are credible and responsible. All Members stand committed to the Alliance statement of faith and its mission. We value partnership, collaboration and pursuing excellence in all we do through shared resourcing and implementing best practices in our ministry contexts.