About CAFO Global Network

The CAFO Global Network unites more than 50 locally-led and globally-informed networks of churches, NGOs and agencies working together to see every child in a loving family, embraced within a collaborative community. Together these diverse networks affirm a shared vision, bringing focus to a global movement of Christians caring for vulnerable children and families.

2022 Highlights

CAFO Global Network has directly equipped over 5,000 global leaders through local and virtual collaborative discussions and free online resources. Uniting 53 local networks in 47 nations, the Global Network inspires Christian communities to care for vulnerable children and families in their midst.

Quarterly Virtual Collaborate series each include three sessions: LEARN – an interactive teaching session; DISCUSS – regional small groups define how they should apply learned principles in their contexts; and FIRESIDE CHAT – local leaders share their plans to implement the concepts in their communities.

2022 Virtual Collaborate Topics:

  • Sustaining the Leader’s Soul for the Long Journey
  • Technology & Media
  • Better Together Vision
  • Mentoring Children & Adolescents

Global Network members equipped over 1800 local leaders through 23 locally-hosted Collaborate+ events in 22 countries, combining their local presentations with CAFO-provided Collaborate topics, supported by facilitator training, CAFO coaching and an event planning guide. The majority of these events connected LIVE to the Collaborate global forum in Atlanta in September.

The Collaborate global forum, a pre-Summit intensive, was produced as a global hybrid event – connecting 60 leaders in the room with 160 global leaders virtually from their homes/offices, plus 1700+ local leaders attending twenty locally-hosted Collaborate+ events around the world that connected LIVE for keynotes, interactive LEARN sessions and DISCUSS presentations.

NEW vision launched in 2022

Every child in a loving family,
embraced within a collaborative community.

Developed by a working group of a dozen global leaders, and affirmed by all CAFO Global Network members, the Better Together vision unites a global movement through the following shared goals:

  1. Collaborating to enable family and community-based care
  2. Partnering with churches to inspire and support Christians in action
  3. Cultivating competency with evidence-based approaches and best practices

50+ Member Global Networks