Collaborate is a forum for CAFO Global Network leaders. Designed as an immersive experience for global Christian leaders who are either leading national orphan care movements in their countries or desire to begin one. Collaborate brings together national leaders from around the world to share expertise, make new connections, learn best practices and add your voice to CAFO Global Network projects and objectives that are key to vibrant, locally-led orphan care networks.



Collaborate is known for its facilitated discussions around set topics. We identify speakers to present on the topic, using various forms (lecture/presentation, panel discussions, or live interviews on stage). After that, attendees are seated in small groups of 8-15 people based on various factors (by Leadership Role, by World Region, or by Network). Throughout the live event, global leaders continue to informally discuss the topics in the halls or during mealtimes.

The 2023 Collaborate event at Summit will be a hybrid of in-person, Virtual Collaborate and locally hosted Collaborate+ events - all connected via online sessions. See below for details.


We're ALL gathering together virtually each quarter through Virtual Collaborate. Offering quarterly LEARN, DISCUSS and FIRESIDE CHAT sessions throughout the year, we are truly "Better Together!" Join as we learn, discuss, encourage and share how to better serve vulnerable children and families through local engagement.

Collaborate Global Forum

September 19-20, 2023

Join us as we discuss:

Local Empowerment
OVC Research Symposium


Options for participating in the Collaborate Global Forum:

1. In-Person in Oklahoma City, OK as a Pre-Summit Intensive
2. Online for a virtual connection from your home or office
3. As part of a locally hosted Collaborate+ event

Upcoming Virtual Collaborate Events

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About Collaborate


"This was superb very well lead and managed meeting. I learnt a lot and hope to engage more with great networks."

- Collaborate Attendee

“This is really good and I wish more and more people could have this experience! It’s life-changing and I’m grateful to God for the opportunity!”

- Collaborate Attendee

“The time together in group discussion was fantastic - it provided an exceptional opportunity to bond with others and establish relationships that will aid in collaboration moving forward.”

- Collaborate Attendee

Host your Own Local Collaborate Forum through

Collaborate+ brings the structure and spirit of the Collaborate forum to your own communities hosted by member Global Networks. CAFO provides:

  • Curated topics and materials: videos presentations, PowerPoint slides, discussion guides and supplemental materials
  • Coaching
  • Small-group facilitator training
  • Online Organizer Guide
  • Custom Collaborate+ graphics
  • Matching grant opportunities

Collaborate Pricing

In-person: $199.00

Virtual: $99.00

Join in-person, virtually, or at a local event!


Individual Topic

ANNUAL PASS: $299.00

Access ALL Quarterly Sessions
*Including virtual access to the Collaborate global forum AND OVC Research Symposium

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Non-CAFO members may still participate in Collaborate.
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